Program Highlights

Application Process

Upon assessing the applicant’s academic skills and extracurricular activities, we will assign the applicant to a mentor according to best fit. Click here to apply.

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Meet the Mentors

Stay tuned for future “Meet the Mentors” events!

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Upcoming Events

IC Future, Inc. offers the programs and events for youth to help them with their career development and allows them to build collaborative projects that can change the world. Each program is executed under the guidance of an experienced mentor with advanced knowledge of the youth’s topic of interest. Here are the programs and events […]

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Access Technology

In today’s digital age, an internet connection isn’t a luxury; it is a necessity. Whether you’re looking for a job, submitting homework, managing finances, or communicating with friends and family, having access to the online world is essential. IC Future, Inc. is committed to connecting households to the digital world. In partnership with human-I-T and Frontier, […]

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About Us

Non-profit organization IC Future Inc., puts your student at the forefront of career development with support from experienced professionals for diversified industries.

Our Mission

We are a group of community-minded career professionals who are passionate about channeling the young energy and minds of young scholars, in order to build collaborative projects that can potentially change the world. Our project-based approach to career development puts the individual skills and talents of the mentees in the forefront, as well as their capacity to work with each other in successfully executing the project under the mentor’s guidance. View more

Our Values

Program Purpose:

– Early talent discovery
– Building skill-sets
– Extensive selection of college major development
– Opportunity to receive Government-sponsored awards

Participant Benefits

– Building college resume
– Networking opportunities
– Post-/college and career advice
– Visualizing professional vocation
– Navigating parent-student conflicts
– Exposure to diverse careers


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What We Do

Mission Overview

Each project is designed for both individual and team development. The result will synergize the input of each mentee’s work to a seamless project, about which the team will present on the final night of the IC Future, Inc. Dream Competition.
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Our Mentors

Our mentors have been hand-picked through many professional criteria, mainly their careers and skill-sets. The diverse range of mentors allows for a capacious breadth of professional skills and experiences for our students.

We have a diverse range of mentors for different professional skills and experience are working with us as additional specialized mentors. Please be aware that many mentors requested to remain anonymous on our website.

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