Our Programs

Project Mentorship 

Professional career mentors create collaborative projects for high school students to simulate real-world professional careers.  Students will experience field work and meet with the mentors for guidance. All mentors will collaborate with various industries to consult on their specialties and skills. See available fields for mentorship.

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Coding with Mentors 

We offer classes for Java, AP Computer Science, Python, Cyber Security, AI, AR, VR, MatLab, SAS, SQL, R, to enhance job and internship opportunities for students. In this high tech society, learn coding and technological skills at a young age is increasingly important.

Teachers hold PhDs and Master’s Degrees from esteemed universities such as Harvey Mudd, CalTech, and UCLA and currently work in the industry as web and software developers.

Certificate Programs with Mentors 

– Earn certificates for high school students for Computer Science majors
– CompTia A+
– Cisco Security Plus
– Cyber Security
– Microsoft Security Plus
– Google 

Follow Mentors to Work 

– Field trip to your mentor’s workplace
– Real job simulation for students to visualize their careers and acquire hands on experiences
– Professor’s labs for STEM and pre-med majors (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

Available Fields / Industries for Mentorship 

IT CEOs Computer Science

– Design websites for different business industries
– Create e-commerce for students to open online businesses
– Cyber security
– Develop apps to launch and sell on the App Store
– Create kiosk/touch screen
– Code for AI projects
– Build drones
– Build robotics
– Learn coding languages (Javascript, HTML, PHP, CSS, Python)

Project Civil Engineers / Electrical Engineers / Aerospace Engineers

– Big data coding (Python)
– Output analysis and effects
– Learn about aerospace related careers

Business / Marketing Industries

– Research new products
– Marketing and advertisement strategies
– Business finance
– Overseas market ideas
– Package design
– Compliance of business rules

IT Graphic Artist / Production Animator / Motion Graphic Designer (Otis)

Animation production
– Special effect project for movie production (Disney, Paramount, Fox, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon)
– Broadcasting designer for large events such as The World Cup