Our Mission

We are a group of community-minded career professionals who are passionate about channeling the young energy and minds of young scholars, in order to build collaborative projects that can potentially change the world. Our project-based approach to career development puts the individual skills and talents of the mentees in the forefront, as well as their capacity to work with each other in successfully executing the project under the mentor’s guidance.

Their capacity to bring the project to successful completion will be bolstered by their colleagues’ skill sets and savvy. This innovative approach to discovering one’s future career path integrates teamwork, learning, and self-discovery.

Not only are we interested in scaffolding our mentees’ academic interests for college preparation; but we are also invested in developing our mentee’s communication skills and self-awareness about their strengths and weaknesses. Our mentors are especially prepared to deal with the individual mentee, to nourish their integrity about matters in academic, personal, and social. ICFuture takes a holistic approach to college readiness, especially focusing on dynamic factors of career development, like collaboration and teamwork, in order to foster a sense of scholarly and interpersonal community.