Our Values

Program Purpose:

– Early talent discovery
– Building skill-sets
– Extensive selection of college major development
– Opportunity to receive Government-sponsored awards

Participant Benefits

– Building college resume
– Networking opportunities
– Post-/college and career advice
– Visualizing professional vocation
– Navigating parent-student conflicts
– Exposure to diverse careers



Taking advantage of our strengths while also being mindful of our weaknesses, creativity allows us to seek meandering paths that are not self-evident or even conventional. Creativity impacts all career fields, and is amply encouraged in ICFuture.


Collaborative work encourages us to learn how to communicate our ideas in a cogent, concise manner that is easily understood by others. This basis of communication will be mutual trust and respect of our colleagues, which will be fostered throughout the program.


Through self-discovery and self-awareness, we will learn to realize our goals as well as be mindful of the present and past. Through personal and interpersonal care and respect, we will foster a network of minds and relationships that will last us far into the future.


Learning is not restricted to the classroom. Learning is an omnipresent activity that takes a careful opening up of the mind to notions that are not familiar. Learning is encouraged through trial and error—in no way do we think learning is the same for everyone, but rather, it is an idiosyncratic, multi-faceted process.